The Best Tool Belts for 2020

Carpenter tool belt
A tool belt is an indispensable item for every worker whose job involves carrying or bringing a lot of stuff in the workplace. The best tool belt even serves as your extended hand considering the fact that it carries your most essential tools anywhere with ease.

Note that you might have a difficult time concentrating on your tasks while looking for a tool but to no avail. As someone who values efficiency and productivity, you would not want to waste your time searching for a tool and carrying it back and forth each time you need it.

In this case, you need to invest in a good tool belt, one that perfectly fits what you are exactly and precisely looking for. The problem is searching for a tool belt for electricians, carpenters, or any other worker might be difficult with the large variety of choices presented in the market.

While the whole selection process is challenging, you have to remember that a good one is that, which comes with adequate space to fit all vital tools. If possible, try various options and find out which one matches all your preferences and requirements. The majority of tool belts come with adequate space for fitting basic tools.

These include small hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tapes, and pliers. However, you can go for one with much bigger storage space or capacity if you think that you will need more to fit a higher number of tools.

If you are still confused then don’t worry because we are here to help. Continue reading this article and you will surely gain additional information that will significantly lessen the challenges involved in searching for a good and high-quality tool belt.


Ideal Device Belt Reviews 2020

1. DEWALT DG5617 Pro ‘s Apron Resource Belt

The initial product that you may be thinking about is the DG5617 Pro ‘s Attire design tool waistband used by DEWALT. Some consider it as the best relaxed resource belt in a job attire type since it is actually well-padded and well-fitted for comfort. I enjoy that this padded belt likewise features a double-tongue roller clasp.

It is due to the fact that the existence of this buckle does not just offer additional comfort yet likewise operates in making the tool belt more secure when used. The general storage ability of this apron-style resource belt is actually likewise excellent. I am actually delighted with its 20-pocket ability readily available in tiny dimensions however still along with a good amount of storing space.

In addition to that, there are actually 9 primary pockets that you can easily make the most of. Additionally, there is an utility knife pouch included in to the device belt, which includes in the protection and surveillance it uses. I likewise observed its own flexibility quickly as it serves as one of the most ideal tool bags for woodworkers, electrical experts, woodworkers, development laborers, or any other operating who require it.

I am likewise pleasantly startled through how rugged and tough the belt is actually. It takes pride in its strong construct top quality, which can avoiding holes as well as splits. The straps possess Dri-Lex cushioning, which provides a lot in making it extra comfy to wear for a prolonged time frame without the threat of abrasion.

I am glad that it also includes entirely modifiable suspenders along with the correct amount of padding. With the suspenders around, the uniform circulation of body weight is feasible. On top of that, there is a pouch deal with, which markets simplicity in bring it with only one hand as well as helping make a correction on the belt.

One disadvantage, however, is that its own integrated mobile phone holder is certainly not that long to have other cellular phone designs.
What Our company Like
Extremely stable and reassured, thanks to the double-tongue roller buckle
Excellent storage capability along with its own numerous pockets and pouches
Relaxed, making it possible to use it for an extended time frame
Completely changeable suspenders featured
May be ideally carried along with merely one palm
What Our company Do not Like
The built-in cellular phone owner is actually not appropriate along with all cellphone versions
With its own loads of satisfying benefits as well as features, the DG5617 Pro Framer’s Attire Resource Belt is actually definitely a shining testimony of exactly how terrific DEWALT is.


2. CLC Custom-made Leathercraft 527X Device Belt

If you want to invest in a CLC tool waistband, which mentions quality right from the second you take a grip of it then the CLC Customized Leathercraft 527X Durable Top-grain Suede Work Attire is one of your best choices. The initial thing that created me desire to obtain this item is its inexpensiveness without putting its own high quality right into inquiry.

Built away from heavy-duty and solid suede leather-made material, which likewise includes double seams, I can verify its own capacity to endure the examination of your time. It is actually likewise quite handy thinking about the truth that the wallets built in face are effortlessly available. This indicates a lot less initiative on your component when it pertains to reaching your tools and products.

I am also delighted along with the volume of area it provides because I think it is actually merely good enough to keep tiny to medium-sized resources. It possesses an overall of twelve wallets– each of which are sizable good enough that you perform certainly not have to think about exactly how it will lug your stuff. Even with its several wallets, it will certainly still continue to be light-weight even when things are actually stashed.

Along with its agility, I am sure that you are going to not must worry about experiencing excessive tiredness the entire day. I am likewise delighted to say that its waistline selection is vast, fitting mostly all measurements. The natural leather is actually solid enough, which showcases its total premium. On top of that, you are going to really love the space offered a hammer and cord-less drill.

It is likewise furnished with added pencil holders. I also very like the integrated poly internet district, which likewise includes a roller clasp for added protection.

One issue, though, is that its own seams are prone to wearing quicker than anticipated.
What We Like
Light in weight even when filled with your tools and items
Take pride in its own capability to match a variety of midsections and also sizes
Includes twelve wallets that are actually spacious sufficient to secure your stuff
Made of strong as well as strong suede natural leather
What We Don’t Like
The internal joints often tend to break sooner than standard
Even with such a problem, a lot of users still consider it as the best builders device belt as it is capable of making their tasks less complicated to fulfill.


3. Occidental Leather 9855 Adjust-to-Fit Excess Fat

Whether you are actually trying to find the most ideal framework resource waistband or for any other sort of work like construction, building, wood working, and power, the Occidental Leather 9855 Device Belt will absolutely certainly not allow you down. I am actually incredibly amazed with this waistband the first time I saw it due to the fact that it sporting activities the traditional leather appeal as well as the perfect workmanship.

This well-crafted and sturdy resource waistband shows off bags made from canvas component yet reinforced with leather to additional enhance its resilience. What I find amazing about the integrated bags is actually that they are certainly not only huge, permitting them to possess sufficient area for your stuff, but they are actually additionally placed at the best areas.

Along with the correct positioning of the wallets and bags, accessing your resources will certainly be actually easy. It is also feasible for you to believe natural rapidly as soon as you start working with this natural leather tool waistband. It also possesses its own fat-lip bag design, which makes everything the more convenient to use.

An additional thing that wowed me regarding this Occidental device waistband is that its own bags possess an intensity of around 10 inches, making it absolutely achievable for you to hold all the tools you require without the problem and also make all of them a lot more easily obtainable.

The bags’ lips are also designed out of strong as well as sturdy leather-made, further showcasing the quality as well as sturdiness of the waistband. I also enjoy the technique the bags are actually created as you can easily anticipate them to continue to be available naturally due to the natural leather component. This means that getting your devices will certainly be quite effortless.

It is actually likewise achievable for it to match you properly because both the bags and also the waistband itself are fully flexible.

One concern, however, is actually that you could discover the price of the laborer or builder belt expensive, although you are going to right away understand that the product deserves it once you start using it.
What Our company Like
Makes your resources quick and easy to accessibility, with the help of the typically open design of the pouches
Completely adjustable bags and waistband
The bags are actually deep sufficient to store an amount of tools.
Well-crafted as well as sturdy while possessing the traditional natural leather look
Very tough integrated bags, because of the natural leather encouragement
What We Do not Like
Still, this is one of those employees’ or carpenters’ resource belts and bags that have a much higher odds of winning the enthusiasm and attention of numerous users because of its overall premium as well as longevity.


4. Gatorback B145 Carpenters Triple Combination Belt

An additional tool waistband that piqued my rate of interest is actually the Gatorback B145. It promptly left behind a really good feeling on me considering that it holds rewards as well as attributes that every handyman and also carpenter are going to probably discovered appealing. Making use of durable 1250 Duratek nylon for its own building and construction makes this belt tough, firm, and also heavy duty.

I am also pleased to state that its own interiors feature a plastic lining that prevents the belt coming from hanging while also making certain that it may store your devices comfortably. The nylon component is actually sturdy sufficient without resulting in fatigue as it is actually light in weight. An additional perk of the belt is that all worry points in both the belt and bags are actually bar-tacked as well as secured.

This considerably reinforces the waistband and also helps make the bags efficient in delaying whatever harsh problems are actually tossed into all of them. I adore package layout applied right into this device belt, as well, due to the fact that I noticed that it helps make each bag open and also easily accessible while likewise guaranteeing that your resources carry out not poke openings at the bottom.

Max convenience is actually likewise yet another trait that this tool waistband coming from Gatorback promises. Fortunately, it can fulfilling such assurance with help from its patented and also special air stations layout, which contributes a whole lot in making sure that you will have a sweat-free, comfortable, and breathable experience when wearing and using it.

It even uses a genuinely breathable material for its support backing made of foam. With that, expect the belt to remain comfortable and cool all throughout the duration of your job.

However, some say that the material used in the pouches is a bit coarse, causing the need to add a softening material at the back.
What We Like
Tough, firm, and durable, thanks to its heavy-duty nylon construction
Features a box design, which promotes ease of access
Highly breathable and comfortable
Comes with a comfortable back support
Lightweight, thereby preventing fatigue
What We Don’t Like
The material used is a bit coarse for some
With the incredible features and perks promised by this Gatorback tool belt, I think this is a perfect choice, especially for huge jobs that require additional space, accessibility, and customizability.


5. Style n Craft 98434 Pro-Framers Combo

I am also highly recommending the Style n Craft 98434 Pro-Framers Combo because it carries a lot of awesome features that turn it into an extremely useful tool belt for a number of potential users, particularly professional framers. One thing that is satisfying about this belt is that it is offered by Style n Craft, which is known for being a home high-quality and durable products constructed from leather.

I am so satisfied with its heavy-duty and top-grain oiled leather construction because it somewhat proves its strength. Combine that with its heavy-duty nylon thread and contrast stitching and I am quite sure that its durability and strength will not let you down.

I like the dark tan color applied to this tool belt because it makes it look elegant yet rugged. It also boasts of its versatile double pouch design composed of up to seventeen pockets. I also love the easy to carry handle integrated into the pouches as this assures users of real-time convenience when used.

This tool belt is also spacious and roomy. It features six interior pockets at the main pouch on the right side, just beneath the tape holder. You will find such pockets useful if you need to hold small tools, such as a knife, pencils, and nail sets. I am also sure that you will love its metal hammer holder found at the center as well as its two small pockets to hold pencils in the exteriors.

In addition, it is equipped with rivets featuring caps that further improve the security of your items. The sturdiness of this item is also further improved with its contrast stitching, which makes use of heavy-duty and sturdy nylon thread.

However, you may have to spend about a week to break in the tool belt.
What We Like
High-quality and durable construction
Spacious and roomy, thanks to its numerous pockets, holders, and pouches
Highly versatile double pouch design
Comes with a user-friendly carry handle
Features a metal hammer holder
What We Don’t Like
Takes at least one week to break in
Overall, this is a beautiful and well-constructed tool belt, which provides plenty of room for most of your stuff.


6. Bucket Boss Mullet Buster Tool Belt

If you are in the lookout for a carpenter tool belt with suspenders that you can rely upon then the Bucket Boss Mullet Buster 55135 Tool Belt is a fantastic choice for you. It is actually a versatile tool belt, which increases its ability to satisfy not only carpenters but also other workers, including electricians, framers, and contractors.

It is a high-quality tool belt, which is noticeable from its 1680 denier and 2-ply denier heavy-duty poly fabric construction. I noticed that this specific material plays a huge role in making this tool belt as sturdy and durable as possible. This tool belt is also unique in the sense that it lets you customize the process of organizing your tools through its adjustable and removable pouches and suspenders.

I am also glad that this tool belt utilizes the LoadBear stretch suspension technology because it contributes a lot in ensuring that the tool belt’s weight has even distribution. It also helps ensure that the weight moves comfortably and naturally together with your body when you are working.

I like the additional carrying capacity provided by the tool belt, too, which is actually made possible by its barrel-bottom and reinforced pouches. You can easily make adjustments on the infinity belt so it can fit waistlines up to 52 inches. You can do so with the aid of its thick steel grommets.

The comfort level of the suspenders is also high if you consider its moisture-wicking padding. In addition, it comes with a chest retaining strap for security and stability. A cellphone pocket is also around, which is compatible with the majority of smartphones today.

However, some of its wearers complained about it being too large for their liking.
What We Like
Boasts of huge carrying capacity, allowing you to carry all the items you need
Equipped with barrel-bottom and well-reinforced pouches
Fits a wide range of waistlines, thanks to the adjustable infinity belt
Comfortable and breathable suspenders included
Customizable tool organization because of its adjustable and removable suspenders and pouches
What We Don’t Like
The size is larger than what some users prefer
Many are still greatly satisfied with the overall performance of this product, so it truly deserves to be recognized and considered when shopping for a good tool belt.


7. Dickies Work Gear 57023 Tool Belt

The next product I wish to recommend is the popular Dickies Work Gear 57023 Leather Tool Belt. I noticed right away that the tool belt is built with ultimate convenience and performance in mind. Built using heavy-duty and sturdy canvas material, this tool belt is surely designed to give you satisfaction through its long-lasting nature.

It has adequate toughness and durability that makes it last for as long as possible. It also takes pride in its well-reinforced pockets and tool loops and sturdy webbed straps, allowing all components and parts of this tool belt to improve their sturdiness and make them capable of handling the harshest environment.

Another highlight of this tool belt is the inclusion of its gel-core suspenders equipped with comfortable padding. With this feature, I noticed a dramatic improvement in the tool belt’s ability to handle heavy loads and distribute the weight it carries evenly. Through even and proper weight distribution, you will experience less strain affecting your hips and lower back.

I like the presence of completely adjustable back and front straps in this tool belt, too, as this means that the fit is customizable based on your comfort. You are also assured of the security of the 5-inch well-padded weight belt as it features a steel double roller buckle. I am also happy with the belt’s overall capacity as it contains numerous large and small pockets spread across two pouches.

Apart from that, it features a device or cellphone pocket with an elastic side in front as well as a steel hammer loop. With all these compartments, you will find it completely effortless to organize your supplies and tools.

However, I am not so fond of the included Velcro as I noticed that it is prone to eroding and losing its catch when used heavily.
What We Like.
Tough, durable, and long-lasting.
Plenty of space and room provided for your tools.
Equipped with a device or cellphone pocket.
Features suspenders with a gel-core construction and comfortable padding.
Can distribute weight well, which prevents strain and pressure on your back and hips.
What We Don’t Like.
The built-in Velcro is prone to eroding.
To conclude, I noticed how Dickies put a lot of thought on how to make this tool belt become of great value to workers, especially to carpenters, which is why buying it is a great decision.


As long as there are modern tradespeople, there will always be a need for tool belts that can help make their jobs easier. The best tool belt around will allow you to work faster because all the tools you need are already within your reach. In addition, they let you work safely because your tools are nestled securely.

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