Husky 22 Rolling Tool Bag

Husky 22 Inch Pro Rolling Tool Bag

Husky’s 22-inch rolling bag is quite possibly the largest tool bag I have ever seen. I’ve had a test sample rolling around here for some time (thanks Home Depot!), and there’s a lot I learned about it.

I should also point out that these are all Home Depot/Husky’s photos. I couldn’t easily photograph the massive tool bag, so I used their images.

This is a tool bag you roll around with purpose. If you don’t need a carries-everything tool bag, buy something else, something smaller. But if you need a huge capacity tool bag, you should definitely give this one some attention.

Yes, it’s heavy, and yes it’s a drag to carry up or down stairs, even when empty. But considering how much a plastic or metal tool box would weigh, the Husky’s weight is easily justified.


Husky 22 Inch Pro Rolling Tool Bag Empty

The inside compartment is cavernous. That’s seriously the only way to describe it.

Comparing the Husky 22-inch rolling tool bag to a similarly sized plastic tool box, even for visualization purposes, simply won’t work.

Husky 22 Inch Pro Rolling Tool Bag Filled with Tools

Here’s a Husky mock-up of what you could fit inside the bag, and it’s fairly accurate. It can fit a lot more tools than that if needed, but probably not without sacrificing organization and ease of access.

Husky 22 Inch Pro Rolling Tool Bag Hand Tool Pockets

The pocketed side can sort and separate quite a few hand tools for easy access, and it keeps them off the bottom where they might otherwise be trapped by larger tools.

Husky 22 Inch Pro Rolling Tool Bag Wheel and Bumpers

The wheels are small, but appropriately sized, and there’s plenty of reinforcement.

There are lots of nice touches, such as larger easy-pull zippers, and a large neoprene (or neoprene-like) flap that folds over the main zipper for added water resistance.

The Husky 22-inch rolling tool bag probably won’t substitute technician’s smaller rolling tool bags. But for users who simply need more capacity, such as those who might carry a tool backpack, and rolling tool bag, and shoulder bag simply because no one bag can hold all their stuff, this might be the last tool bag they need.

Features & Specs

  • 38 storage pockets
  • 150 lb weight capacity
  • 22″ long x 12″ wide x 15″ tall
  • Extending handle
  • Carrying handles
  • Fold-over rain flap
  • Heavy duty tape measure or pouch clips
  • Reinforced hand tool wall
  • Heavy duty water-resistant 1680 denier construction

I don’t recall the weight spec, and don’t have a scale handy, but would say that the bag feels like it weighs 28-35 lbs, empty. It’s a little awkward to carry long distances, but that’s what the roller wheels are for.

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