Review: Dewalt Battery Adapter 18v


Routine viewers of this blog understand that I’ve been actually personally possessing DeWalt 18 volt cordless tools on my tasks for years.

When DeWalt offered me an early-bird possibility to check out their brand new electric battery adapter and carry modern-day battery innovation to my older resources, I couldn’t stand by to place it at work. I’ve managed it through its own paces for a month on a range of my resources.

The grizzled veterans

I think DeWalt’s 18 volt line of cord-less tools has resided in the market for around two decades. It’s been just one of the best well-liked lines of professional-quality cord-free tools, for a very long time. They are actually definitely the best popular label on the construction websites I have actually visited.

I have actually possessed my very own collection for about 8 years, and all the resources are still going powerful. They have actually outlasted as well as out carried out any other brand name of cordless resources I’ve possessed through many years, leaving me a little a fan-boy.

NiCad vs, Lithium Ion

This battery adapter is actually a big deal. Years ago, I worked a second job, at a chain store marketing their preferred exclusive brand name of tools. It prevailed that I would certainly bear the brunt of a customer’s aggravation when they learned that annually’s version of the store-brand tools possessed a battery setup irreconcilable along with the prior model. It was odd, despite the fact that each generation was a same current, NiCd electric battery, there would be actually a slight adjustment to a bump or even ridge on its own instance, stopping variation in between versions. People will wind up acquiring brand-new devices, as opposed to getting more mature batteries coming from the factory. Was it an “crafted obsolescence” sales program? Although many individuals bought new cord-less resource collections, lots delegated go shopping somewhere else, promising off the label as they walked out the door.DSC_4942b.jpg

DeWalt on the other hand, has supported tools that final for a very seriously long time. You may visit components establishment, residence center, or even today and acquire an 18 volt NiCd electric battery, or even a brand-new 18 volt device. That’s merely extraordinary, taking into consideration the modern-day device of 20V MAXIMUM tools has actually been out for 4-5 years. The intro of this electric battery adapter is actually awesome; right now our company can begin transitioning towards newer modern technology, little by little, piece by piece.

I own 3 18 volt XRP electric batteries. I have actually worked all of them hard for many years. One recently chose it was actually time to retire as well as rejected to take another cost. The other 2 are actually showing indicators old with their full-charge run opportunity declining a little. I am actually still running all of them hard.

The grizzled professionals.

The grizzled experts.

These 18v batteries are creatures. They load a considerable amount of punch and also compete a very long time, also at their advanced age. I have actually certainly never have difficulty operating 2 to 3 devices on a project, cycling between my three batteries. Now along with one retired, I do not wish to devote the dollars on substitutes, when the contemporary things is actually so much better. The brand-new Lithium Ion electric batteries pack much more powerful blow with a better power to body weight ratio, virtually no self-discharge, as well as an awesome led “fuel scale”.

Look into the size difference in between the 2 amp hour Lithium Ion 20V MAX electric battery pack that featured my DeWalt Cordless Oscillating Multi Device as well as some of my beefy 18v XRP nickle-cadmium packs. There’s a significant weight variation also.



Definitely, there’s much more than a little bit of bodily distinction in between the aged plunge-in design NiCd and the slide-on Lithium Ion. That difference is what the Dewalt Battery Adapter conquers. It also keeps the pack at a minor slant, most likely to simulate the resource harmony our company are actually accustom to along with the old packs.

I slid the adapter right into my 18 volt Reciprocating Saw, just as I would the typical battery pack. It seemed like it was of the very same husky plastic the resources are actually built coming from. There was a small shade difference, yet I’m relatively certain that’s due to 8 years of Arizona sunlight oppressing on my devices as I operate. Naturally, I am actually certainly not going to fuss concerning different colors variation, these are actually workin’ tools besides.

The core of the adapter possesses the very same electric relationships as the modern DeWalt MAX tools. The battery pack slides on coming from the face and also hairs onto the adapter.

Considering That February in Arizona isn’t about shoveling snowfall, I let the DeWalt 18v Cordless Reciprocating Saw chew on some lawn work with a little bit. I cut hand plant fronds, pruned the mesquite, and diced up a dead exotic. I wasn’t depressing to see that stinker go either. It was actually the son-of-a-gun that appeared to shoot spinal columns at me whenever I was in its own vicinity. It still procured one final parting shot when I by mistake flipped a portion up in to the front of my tee shirt, leaving behind some excruciating little bit of openings in my chest.

The saw ripped along, quickly and also strong. It stabilized great in the hand with the new batter set-up. I finished with a lot of extract in the battery.

Another experience where I took the battery adapter in to play was actually the fixing of our roof heatpump (Post: Cold Weather at Night! A DO-IT-YOURSELF Heating System Repair Experience ). I eliminated as well as substituted a bazillion screws with my DeWalt 18v 1/4″ Effect Driver sustained by the 20V MAXIMUM Lithium Ion battery via the adapter. I ran the impact motorist until the sunshine went down, … practically.

The electric battery adapter with the 20V MAXIMUM electric battery pack along with operated merely great in my rounded saw at the same time. Power and also rate, making sawdust in the garage.

I recognize the adapter deals with many, however not all of the legacy DeWalt 18 volt tools loosened in the wild, but it partnered with my entire arsenal. I evaluated the remainder of my assortment with excellence. The adapter functioned well along with my cord-free cut-off device, my XRP Hammerdrill/ pierce/ driver, and also my versatile flood lamp. The only issue I possess is that it takes a little extra muscle mass to remove the adapter; it seems to latch in tighter than the 18v battery stuffs themselves. Certainly not a trouble if you are just transforming the batteries, but if you desire to slip the entire bargain on another device, it takes merely a little additional grunt.

I am actually happy with this amazing widget. Honestly, I marvel DeWalt also produced it. That could whine if they slowly terminated the 18 Volt collection after such a long functional lifespan? Not merely perform they continue to sustain the much older collection, they selected to use this adapter as a bridge to their existing line. That’s commitment to your clients my friends.DSC_4776c.jpg

I utilized a singular 2 amp hour 20V MAXIMUM battery on my resources. I feel it outperformed the 18v XRP packs on their greatest day. DeWalt additionally helps make larger-capacity 20V MAX packs, varying approximately a 5 amp hr beast.

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