Best Router Tables

Best Router Tables 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Modem Table– Best General

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop
Bosch RA1181 Benchtop
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The Bosch RA1181 Benchtop is actually a great option for people who have actually restricted shop space however need a robust, top quality modem dining table. This style will definitely attach to many workbenches, which makes it terrific for stores where you are actually not visiting have area for a full closet modem. It features modifiable featherboards, that makes it effortless to make safe, trusted cuts, yet also enables you to cut numerous panels similarly swiftly. This feature makes it fantastic for ventures like crafting your very own floorboards, where you’ll need to have to make a bunch of the very same cut frequently.

It also features a 2 1/2- inch dirt port, which implies there is actually a good chance that the shop vac you might already own is compatible along with it. That creates cleanup quick and easy and quick. There’s also a handy set of energy outlets, thus you’ll constantly possess a really good location to connect in your shop vac or various other tools that you want to use along with your hub table. One slight quibble with this desk is actually that the fencing is actually frequently hard to move, which is actually regrettable considered that the rest of this desk is a delight to utilize.

Connects to the majority of workbenches
Modifiable featherboards
2 1/2- in dust port
Hassle-free power channel
Fence susceptible to sticking



2. Kreg PRS1045 Preciseness Router Desk

Kreg PRS1045
Kreg PRS1045
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The Kreg PRS1045 the runner-up on our list. It comes with a large tabletop without being actually very huge, which makes it good for patronize some floor room to spare, but it won’t be way too much of a room hog, either. It comes with a huge 24″ through 32″ hub table top, that makes it suited for just about any sort of job. The addition of a micro-adjust fence is actually also a pleasant touch, as it gives you peace of mind that every reduce you make will be actually exactly what you desire it to become.

The stand is adjustable to in between 31″ and 39″ in height, which suggests you may prepare it to the height you locate very most comfy. It’s additionally quick and easy to construct away from the box, which is nice considered that installation is actually often complicated on various other designs. What keeps this model out of initial is its own inconsistent inserts. Most are actually wonderfully degree, though a handful come with approximately 1/16″ of warp in either instructions. You may trade these inserts for a good one, but that’s an ache you shouldn’t need to manage.

Huge tabletop
Micro-adjust fencing
Modifiable, strong position
Easy to assemble
Some insert imperfections

3. Skil RAS900 Router Table– Best Value

Skil RAS900
Skil RAS900
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The Skil RAS900 is our selection for ideal for the cash. Among the best things about it, and something you’ll notice appropriate away from package is actually just how quick and easy to construct it is actually. Not all router tables are like that, so it’s nice to locate a version like that when you can. It features wonderful featherboards and clamps, which make most transmitting projects far easier, and enhance the general worth of this particular hub dining table. It also includes a starter pin and also protection, which makes it efficient in creating top notch circular cuts, one thing you would not count on at this rate aspect.

You likewise get simple little bit adjustments with the tabletop with this hub dining table, which will definitely conserve you a great deal of time and irritation while you switch over between tasks. Some hub versions can be hard to affix to this table, thus you may must battle a little to obtain points to fit. Nonetheless, you’re acquiring unparalleled worth for this style at almost any type of price aspect. Thus, if you need to have a hub dining table with terrific simplicity of use and also a low price, this version is the one for you.

Terrific featherboards as well as clamps
Starter pin and also protection
Easy little modifications
At times complicated hub installation


4. Craftsman 37599 Modem Table

Craftsman 37599
Craftsman 37599
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The Artisan 37599 is actually a great modem table if you are actually a novice to the industry as well as desire to attempt factors out without producing a massive economic investment. If that’s you, the very first excellent factor you’ll observe is actually the price, which is really short on this design. Certainly, that commonly indicates that there will definitely be actually quality issues, which our experts’ll take care of in an instance. It is actually easy to set up, which is actually one more reason that this version benefits novices, as well as while it doesn’t included an excellent miter scale or even featherboards, it carries out include some that will certainly obtain you started.

Nonetheless, this model isn’t appropriate with a broad number of modems, which means you’ll must drill your very own holes in the positioning plate to get it to work, which is something you should not must carry out. Additionally, the low-price cause questions about quality. There is actually a bunch of economical plastic within this version, as well as while it may last you an even though, this isn’t a model that is actually visiting last you permanently. That’s not a big deal if you are actually a novice who would possibly improve down the line however is something to consider.

Easy installation
Good for novices
Handful of appropriate modems
Quality inquiries


5. MLCS 2394 Extension Modem Table Top & Fence

MLCS 2394 Extension Router Table Top & Fence

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The MLCS 2394 Expansion Router Table Leading & Fence addresses one of the concerns located in the final version quickly the back, as it features an universal hub plate that should accommodate any sort of version of router coming from any company. Nonetheless, the very first significant warning using this item is actually the failure to include any kind of brackets, indicating you have to fashion trend your very own to connect your router, which can be a frightening suggestion. It also possesses a low-quality foundation layer that is actually difficult to degree, and afterwards you’ll likely have to degree once more after affixing your modem given that it’s weak sufficient that it droops even under modest weight.

It likewise isn’t a standalone device however is actually instead developed to place to the side of a workbench. While this might seem like a pleasant component, it’s only going to serve for some individuals and also will be actually a deal-breaker for others. You additionally require to take into consideration that you can easily get less costly hub tables, which implies that you are actually receiving relatively-poor worth using this dining table. While some individuals may be ready to manage the disadvantages of the router dining table, it’s excessive trouble for the cost for most.

Universal hub platter
Must make very own braces
Low-quality foundation plate
Router desk extension


Shopper’s Quick guide

Our team hope our customer reviews have actually offered you some understanding into the planet of modem tables. If you want discovering more concerning router dining table or desire to see an explanation of the thinking that went into our assessments, you have actually related to the best location. This is an excellent area to check out if you’ve never ever acquired a router dining table previously, yet it likewise contains some detailed info that experienced customers could locate practical.

Compatible routers

Kreg router table
One of the features that a lot of determines a router table’s convenience to a given individual is the stable of routers that it approves. Various hubs possess different plans for affixing them to a modem table, therefore not all hubs are compatible with all dining tables. If you already possess a hub, you ought to make sure to examine the checklist of compatible hubs prior to you buy a new modem table. That way you can easily ensure that you acquire one that will work with what you actually possess.

Additionally, if you don’t possess a modem, you should still inspect the checklist. Some brand names make tables that are actually simply meant to become appropriate along with their routers, while others will sustain many hubs coming from a number of brand names. If you’re certainly not however ready to acquire a modem, you need to probably invest in a router dining table that sustains as lots of versions as possible to ensure that you can easily choose from a wide option when you are ready.

You must additionally remember that numerous providers make different base platters for the very same table. Our team’ll talk more regarding those in a later part, but for right now, you must since the bottom platter is actually the component that supports the hub in location within the table. You can usually switch these out, though on some designs they’re completely fastened to the surface area. If you can alter these out, there is actually a chance that you can easily acquire a first-party or 3rd party baseplate that will accommodate your modem as well as likewise accommodate your dining table, thus on some versions, you will not be actually limited to the original router checklist.

Making use of a Skil item

Desk high quality

While you might presume that every router desk would certainly possess a wonderful desk, this simply isn’t the case. The root cause of poor dining tables varies. Occasionally it’s considering that they were brought in from second-class components, various other times it is actually a layout flaw that makes them tough to degree, or even in some cases production errors result in tables that won’t function well.

While a table that isn’t degree could seem like a deal-breaker in the beginning, in many cases, it is actually a fixable problem. Occasionally the manufacturer features washing machines you can include in increase or lesser edges to level out the desk, or in a worst-case scenario, you may level the entire router desk coming from below by adding shims under the feet. That is actually not optimal, but it means that you can save a bit of money if you’re willing to gamble on a lower-quality product.

A much larger concern in table quality is a warped table. There’s not much that you can do about a warped table, as raising or lowering one side just changes where the warped section is and doesn’t cancel out the warp itself. There’s not much you can do to fix a warped table, so if you find yourself in this situation, the best thing you can do is return the router table and get a new one.

If you don’t, all your cuts will be a bit off, as you’ll be cutting in an extra dimension without meaning to. If the warp is small, there’s a chance it won’t matter, but in some situations where you need a tight fit, a warped table can make a project miserable.

Surface quality

The table surface is also very important, which is any it warrants a separate section. The very best tables are made from metal, but not all metal tables are made equally. The very best you can find are cast iron tables. These tend to be the most durable by far, and they tend to have few problems with warping. However, that great durability comes at a cost. Cast iron router tables are extremely heavy and not very mobile. That means they require a sturdier-than-average base, which means that you can’t skimp there, either.

The next best table surface material is aluminum. While it’s not as durable as cast iron, it holds its own. It’s much lighter, so you can move it around more easily, and it’s not as dependent on having an extremely sturdy base. Aluminum is more prone to scratching, which means it’s not going to look pristine forever, but hopefully, that’s not the most important thing you’re looking for in a heavy-duty piece of equipment.

You’ll also find plastic and wood table surfaces. You have similar problems and strengths in each. These are the lowest-quality surfaces, but they’re also hard to judge because they have the largest variance in quality Some will hold up for the life of the table, while others won’t last nearly as long. These tend to be found on cheaper router tables, and they tend to have the most problems with warping. You should probably avoid these unless you need to buy a truly cheap model.

Base plate quality.

The base plate is another vital piece of the router table. It’s the part that sits in the table and holds the router in place. So, if it has any flaws, they’re likely to be serious. If the base plate is bent or warped, it’s not going to sit flush with the rest of the table, which means the wood you’re trying to cut will get jostled or stuck when you try to cut it.

Like with a bent table, if the base plate is warped, your cuts are not going to be nearly as precise as you’re hoping, and in some circumstances could be enough to make a piece of wood not fit where it needs to go. If this is the case, the whole router table isn’t worth much, so it’s imperative that you get a good base plate.

You can generally adjust each corner of a base plate individually to level it, which is easier on some models than on others. High-end models feature a turntable spring system that you can adjust without removing the base plate, though most models feature washers and shims that you add and remove to level the plate. The second method usually requires you to remove the plate each time, which can be a pain.

You also want to make sure that you’re getting a base plate that’s strong enough to support your router. You may get a perfectly-level, perfectly-flat base plate that begins to sag when you attach your router. If you have a heavier router, you’ll want to invest in a model with a sturdier base plate.


The fence is a piece included with almost all table routers. The bad news is that most companies, in apparent cost-cutting measures, include a low-quality fence with your purchase. The fence is the part of the table router that you run the wood against to keep it straight while you cut them. However, you’ll find that most factory-included fences either aren’t straight or don’t fit with the table well enough to remain straight during your cut.

You have a few options for solving this problem. The first is to invest in a table router that comes with a high-quality fence. Another is to buy an aftermarket fence. These usually aren’t very expensive and are typically high-quality. You just have to make sure that you get one that’s compatible with your router table

You could also build your own if you’re the handy type, though that’s a task that’s probably easier with a working fence and router table.

Kreg router table.

Miter gauge

Many companies also include miter gauges, but much like the fences, they are often subject to cost-cutting measures that result in poor-quality products. The purpose of a miter gauge is to help you maintain a certain angle that isn’t 90-degrees while you make the cut. This can be a great tool for creating decorative pieces but is also sometimes necessary for perfect structural fits.

Unfortunately, when companies include a miter gauge, they often include a model that either struggles to hold its angle or isn’t accurate. If it can’t hold a constant angle under the pressure of an active router, there isn’t much value to the gauge. Likewise, there’s no value in a miter gauge with inaccurate angle markings.

This is another piece of equipment that you can buy on the aftermarket, and it may be worth it if you plan on making a lot of high-quality cuts.

Which router table is right for you?

No one router table is going to be the right thing for all people. And, of course, not every router table is going to be a reasonable purchase based on your budget alone. However, getting good value is about more than just spending as little money as possible. If you get a model that breaks down in less than a year, you’re going to be out at least the same amount of money to replace it, so that’s not a good deal.

On the other hand, you could spend a ton of money and get a top-of-the-line model and find that you have no use for many of the features, or don’t use it often enough to justify the cost.

Our advice is to take an honest inventory of every feature that you expect your table router to have. Once you’ve done that, restrict your list to the models that have those features, and don’t add ones that you don’t need. Once you’ve done that, it will be a lot clearer which models will be good buys for you, and which you’re better off skipping.


The Bosch RA1181 Benchtop router table is our top choice, as it can be mounted to most workbenches and comes with a convenient power outlet. The Kreg PRS1045 ranks highly due to its micro-adjust fence and large tabletop but misses out on first due to the occasional insert flaw. The Skil RAS900 is the best value for the money on our list, as it comes with a bevy of great features at a phenomenal price. The Craftsman 37599 is a good choice for beginners but lacks the quality and durability that experts need. The MLCS 2394 Extension Router Table Top & Fence has a wide router compatibility, but makes strange demands, like requiring you to make your own brackets, which makes for poor value and sinks it to the bottom of our list.

Hopefully, our reviews have helped you understand what you should look for when shopping for router tables. Using that knowledge, you should be able to find a model that you’ll love using, and that you’ll love the price of, too.

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