Best Bidet Attachment

  • The whole point of a bidet attachment is to make installation and use easy. Since you don’t have to rebuild half of your bathroom to install an attachment, this option will save you a lot of time and money. The Luxe Neo 120 takes the top spot since it embodies this philosophy the most — installation is quick and using it couldn’t be simpler. Best of all, it gives you enough control to personally tailor your bidet cleaning experience.

    The attachment is designed to work with any two-piece toilet. Installation involves setting the attachment onto the seat and hooking it up to the water supply. Once working, you will get dual dials that offer you different pressure and wash settings. The self-cleaning nozzle and high-quality parts mean you won’t have to worry about complicated upkeep. Simply get the Neo 120 installed and start using it.

    Handheld bidet attachments can offer you a little more control when it comes time to clean up. Standard attachments are designed to cover as much area as possible, but if you need to get to hard to reach areas, the flexibility of a handheld option is hard to beat. The Aquaus 360 Degree is just as simple to install and use as other attachments on this list while increasing the range and control you have available.

    The handheld bidet hooks up to the water supply in the same way as other attachments. You can hang the sprayer head from the toilet itself or a nearby wall to keep it out of the way. When in use, dual thumb pressure controls allow you to adjust the water flow as you go. There is also an additional control for the spray pattern. The hose is 54″ in length, giving you plenty of reach.

    Splashing cold water on your posterior isn’t necessarily the most comfortable experience. While most attachments will get the job done, you will need something with temperature control if you want heated water. The Brondell Dual Temperature attachment hooks up to the cold/hot water supply so you can get warm water straight from the heater tank without worrying about electricity or batteries. The attachment comes with both hot and cold water valves. Installation usually takes about 20 minutes.

    The dual dial controls make it easy to fine-tune the water. One dial increases or decreases the pressure while the other shifts from hot to cold with a single twist. The retractable nozzle also comes with three adjustable angled settings so you can get a perfect aim each time.

    Truthfully, operating the average bidet attachment isn’t rocket science. However, when you need to make a change to the water pressure while on the go, a simple control scheme can make the difference. The GenieBidet does away with the traditional dual dials and uses a single knob to control the ambient water temperature spray. The attachment also has a separate On/Off switch if you need to keep it off for young children, pets, or visitors.

    The GinieBidet also offers more than other comparable options. Instead of a single spray point, dual nozzles cover both rear and feminine areas for cleaning. Each nozzle is self-cleaning and retracts out of the way when not in use. The frame is designed to fit most round and elongated toilet seats so you can purchase this attachment without worrying about compatibility issues.

    Best Attachment For Traditional Styles: GoBidet Chrome

    Even though bidet attachments are small and out of the way, it can be nice to find the perfect option to fit in the existing decor of your bathroom. The attachment can be the perfect way to add a touch of accent color or style. For traditional styles, a splash of metal can be a welcome addition. The GoBidet Chrome attachment is the best option to provide this interesting accent.

    As a bidet attachment, this chrome fixture will sit solidly on most round and elongated seats. The unique swing arm offers extra flexibility in use while its all-metal build is extremely durable. The optional hot water kit also connects to a nearby sink if you want temperature control.

    Best Attachment For Modern Styles: Brondell Thinline SimpleSpa

    Modern decor is all about streamlined simplicity that doesn’t sacrifice on visual appeal. If your bathroom is featuring this design style, the Brondell Thinline SimpleSpa is the perfect bidet attachment to choose. It’s elegant, interesting design will fit right in with any sleek, modern decor.

    The attachment uses a single control knob to adjust water pressure on the go. Due to the curved handle bend, the knob is always within easy reach. The elegant design of the fixture also holds it tight and secure to the toilet seat for stable use.

What to Look for in a Bidet Attachment

Nozzle typeSome bidet attachments have one nozzle with a wide spray pattern to clean as much as possible, while others feature two nozzles for adjustable coverage. If you opt for a single nozzle attachment, look for one with adjustable angles to make sure that you can position the water stream into a practical position. Also, take note of whether the nozzle is retractable and has antibacterial properties for sanitary purposes.

Temperature controlFor a warm water option, look for a bidet attachment that offers temperature control. This will mean that the attachment has to be connected to the hot and cold water supply lines—which could mean running a water line to your sink. While choosing a bidet with only ambient water temperature may offer a more convenient set-up, some people prefer the option to use warmer water.

Handheld attachmentsIf you’re looking for more precise cleaning from a bidet, consider a model with a handheld attachment. It’s typical to see these attachments mounted to a wall near the toilet tank or on the toilet itself—just remember to think about where you’ll store your attachment and whether the cord is long enough to reach

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